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Less...Is Not More

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Your personal style should speak for what you want to present to yourself and others.

I do not believe that wearing less is more or better. If you are just strictly fashion forward you may think that wearing less is more and better. I love to be sexy and I am firm believer in showing off your best assets.

My legs are it.

I do not have a big butt or hips. So in the summer I wear my shorts really short, but not cheeky short. For me I just don’t look right in certain cuts and really have to shop to find the right fit for my shape. I am short with small hips and I could end up looking like a little girl.

My style is really driven by where I’m going, what the weather will be, the event, and most of all how I’m feeling. Secondly, my daily style is driven by who will I be in front of and what do I want this creative part of me to say. I believe it is utterly important for one to know what their best physical assets are and knowing how to play that up with style. Everyone cannot wear everything. If I have to accept that for me you should too. My motto is be your best you and not compare yourself with what someone else looks like or has.

It really is the unspoken thoughts that people have of you based on your attire. Your personal style should speak for what you want to present yourself and to others. How do you want your book cover to be seen and get others to be interested enough to open the book and start reading about the amazing person inside.

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