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Stylish is Who I Am

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

A nicely styled outfit will say more about your confidence.

Stylish is who I am. I like, what I call, classic looks. It’s like when they say this is very “Old Hollywood Glamour” on the Red carpet. I see that as being timeless and always in style. A nicely put together outfit will say more about your confidence.

For example I love jackets and vests, feminine blouses with neck ties, dresses & skirts with details. I love as my good friend says “complicated clothes”. I call it clothes with angles and shapes and nice surprises. I want to be able to open up my clothing time capsule 10 years later and be able to wear those same clothes. If you create and know your personal style, then fashions will come and go but your signature style becomes "timeless". Something you can build from within your wardrobe. This is why I keep my signature pieces for years. My style has evolved, as with age, this happens and sometimes I have to ask myself, is this age appropriate. Now I'm not a big stickler on age appropriate but I do want to make sure I'm not giving off the wrong impression. There are some outfits that I will only wear if I am going out with my husband. Just my thing. I think some outfits are just best if worn with him.

I remember as a kid watching my Mom get dressed for work or going out with my Dad she was always dressed so pretty, so feminine, and stylish. It was effortless. I would sit on the bed and watch her try on clothes, not to mention we went to the mall and shopped every weekend. I know between both of my parents this is wear my mad obsession started with style, clothes, & fashion.

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