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The Difference Between Fashionable and Stylish

The term fashionable is that you shop for the trends to keep up with what is current. Like the current white boot trend, skinny jeans, or the sandal tennis shoe.

It just seems that one would be constantly buying every season to keep up. For most consumers this can is not affordable. This is when know how to style your look and yourself can make the difference.

I do select pieces that are in fashion, for instance, I hated the round toe shoe, the platform shoe, but I evolved to see them as keepers because they not only suited the fashion forward trend but they were a lot more comfortable then that pointed toe shoe from the 90’s that were not best fitted for every foot shape.

So this is a very small example of how I view fashion and styles. I constantly think about how I can make this shirt, pant, jacket, skirt, or dress benefit me overtime.

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